At Mind the Horizon our focus is on the future.

Millennials are set to live through some of the most simultaneously exciting and challenging times ever faced by mankind. Within their lifetimes they will witness unimaginable developments in science and technology, environmental pressures on a global scale, and countless other resultant issues which are sure to shape the future of the human race for years to come.

We feel that for something so important, the uncertainty surrounding our future, whether you find that exciting or a little unnerving, isn’t done justice by mainstream media. Whether it’s the shocking lack of coverage given to important issues regarding climate change, or the relative inaccessibility of the fast moving worlds of science and technology, here at Mind the Horizon we will be dedicated to keeping you up to date with all the latest developments.

As well as presenting the stories of tomorrow, today, we also want to tackle some of the complex moral, social and political issues which are certain to arise as we venture ever further into the unknown. Conducting interviews with industry leaders and experts on the forefront of innovation, we will be discussing ethical concerns regarding advances in genetics, the inevitable challenges we must face as we head toward the singularity, and the ever growing threat of climate change -just to name a few.

This may all sound rather intimidating, but hey, that’s what’s facing us. Don’t fret though. Our ultimate goal is to, through honest analysis and frank debate, impact upon all of our futures for the better.

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