Without a dedicated, engaging and reliable team of writers Mind The Horizon wouldn’t continue to grow.  

Founder & Editor – Malek Murison

I set up Mind The Horizon to make important, future-related news more accessible. You can read a little more about my motivations on the About page.


Alfie Alsop

I’m a recent graduate from The University of York, having just completed a Master’s degree in Physics with Astrophysics. Academically, I’m mainly interested in space and renewable energy systems but outside of the lecture theatre and/or labs I’m a self proclaimed aficionado of Sci-fi (Trek > Wars) and of Heavy Metal (my wardrobe is almost entirely black t-shirts). I’ll usually find a way of shoehorning some pop-culture reference into my articles, and I can only apologise for any dad-jokes I make.

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Phoebe Vowles-Webb

Phoebe is hoping to make the latest technological advances interesting for readers and highlight the implications for us. She practices Ving Tsun, the Chinese martial art popularised by Yip Man, and her experience includes working for Sadiq Khan MP at his office in the Houses of Parliament and Chalk the Sun Creative Writing Company. She’s currently marketing the upcoming No Pens Kindle Collection: ‘All Over the Damn Place’. 

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Bridget O’Boyle

As you may be able to tell from the types of article I write, I am a Biology student. I chose this subject because there are so many incredible creatures and captivating phenomena in the natural world. Writing gives me the chance to learn more about these and then to share my findings with others. Of course, Mind The Horizon is themed on the future, which gives a great opportunity to highlight some of the important issues the world is facing and what is (hopefully) being done to combat them using the power of science.

Laura Cox

Hi! I’m a student at the University of York studying History, so naturally the developments happening in the world today really interest me. As well as writing for Mind the Horizon, I’m also the news editor for an independent, student-run publication called the Yorker. My main interests lie with environmental issues and also health and fitness. In the future, I would love to work full time for a magazine or paper. My hobbies include balancing my degree with a compulsion to write about absolutely everything whilst still making it to the gym.

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Rianna Fernandez

I’m a recent Psychology graduate from the University of York, lover of science and all things ‘brainy’. I’m now working to develop a career in communications in the not-for-profit sector. 

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Rylan Gooch

A PPE graduate from the University of York, Rylan is interested in all things tech and is our go-to guy in the field of Wearable Technology. He’s currently seeking a business development role in the technology sector.

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Lily Clarke

I’m a second year Physics student at the University of York, and I’m fascinated by creative, high-tech solutions to really challenging problems, particularly in the medical field. Alongside science and technology, I absolutely love arts and crafts. If you ask me, there’s nothing more relaxing than taking a break from calculus to do some sewing! As an aspiring medical physicist, I’ll be writing mainly about technological advances in healthcare, but also anything that appeals to my creative side.

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